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Posted at — Jan 1, 0001

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My name is Juan Castro, I have a big interest on technology, reading and videogames.

Related to tech, I can say about four years ago I started to use GNU/Linux on my computers and since I never looked back; I started with Xubuntu 16.04, but now I use Arch Linux, btw. With a similar interest, about two years ago I started to use Tiling Window Managers instead of the clasics desktop environments. Afer my initiation on i3 and live quite a time on bspwm, now I use my own version of dwm.

Despite my liking for technology, my studies are for education, especifically, I have a degree on secondary education with a major in mathematics, in other words, math teacher. Since I'm young I wanted to be a teacher, and I can say is a job that I enjoy a lot and has given me great experiences.

My social media? I never used Instagram nor Twitter actively, and I stopped ussing Facebook a year ago, and I don't regret! Today I spent most of my time online on others sources of entertainment, like YouTube (because there's no other alternative, though I hope LBRY becomes popular in the future), Reddit, and from time to time, mastodon and 4chan. And no, I'm not disconnected from the world and I still find out the important things that happen in my city, my country and the world.

If you want to contact me you can do it on Mastodon, GitHub or by e-mail at juacq97@tutanota.com

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This blog arises as result of my interest on blogging as a way to express my opinions, as well as a way to write about topics that interest me and, in some cases, has low coberture on spanish, my mother language, I need to say that, despite is a common topic, this isn't a blog about technology, but a personal blog, where I just cover the topics that I like.

Technically, this blog is hosted on GitHub thanks to GitHub Pages. This site is build with the static sites generator Hugo, a program that I find relativelly easy to use (once you get the basics and you build a site). I use the Ezhil theme; I like the minimalist look and feel.

This isn't my first blog, before I had a little blog on a Write Freely instance called qua.name. I decided to change because I wanted to write some posts (like this) both in spanish and english, sice I spend most of my time on forums and subrredits where the main langugae is english, and thanks to hugo I can add easily a button to change the language of the posts (located at the page footer).