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Dec 24, 2020
I've migrated to Wayland! After a long time reading about Wayland, how X11 is old and unsafe, how the big DE are adopting it and many other things, I decided to give it a try now that I’m free for the vacations and check out how the world of the future is. TL;DR: the experience is not bad, and in several aspects better than X11, although with its disadvantages that not everyone is willing to accept.…
Dec 7, 2020
How do I organize my weeks (for now)? I recently wrote about how I migrated my organizational system to an analog system. I had been using the Bullet Journal for a few months, but I encountered a great difficulty: I was not using it. I never filled it out and two or three weeks went by without even opening it. I abandoned the bujo long ago, gave away the Moleskine I had bought and returned to a digital system, which makes a lot of sense now that I work in the city and through virtual classes via Zoom.…
Oct 19, 2020
Why I changed to GNOME and what the hell I was thinking Just over a week ago I decided to leaver dwm and Arch Linux, and replace it with GNOME 3 and Fedora. I know, heresy, but, why? and, how did I do?
Oct 7, 2020
How to use dwm without dying in the attempt Using dwm may seem complicated at first, and it is not very friendly to the novice user. This post will try to explain the basics of dwm to be able to use it in a comfortable way on a daily basis.
Jun 29, 2020
My new productivity system: Bullet Journal and GTD I have merged elements from Bullet Journal with GTD to organize my tasks, how it works?